Welcome to the Hanover County Geographic Information System (GIS) web site, serving Hanover citizens and businesses since September 20, 2000. This web application provides access to a variety of GIS data linked to County business data from the Commissioner of the Revenue and Assessor.

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GIS Data last updated on this site December 1, 2011

This GIS web site has been developed to provide a service to private companies conducting business in support of County residents and to provide County residents access to County business data. The functionality of the web site has been designed for business purposes. Based on research of private and public web sites that offer the same or similar services and data the County determined that the web site offers a balanced approach to serving the needs of County citizens and businesses while respecting citizen privacy.

What's New!

Hanover County recently celebrated its 11th year of providing real estate, assessment, and GIS data on-line. The web site has processed millions of transactions and hundreds of thousands of queries since its inception. The technology that is used for the web site has been expanding at a rapid rate in the past few years. In an effort to keep up with this technology and to be in a position to take advantage of new functionality that is developed in the industry, the County has developed a new GIS web site.

The new GIS web site was designed to mirror the functionality of the existing web site, but uses the latest technology. For the next ninety days as you enter the web site you will see a link to the newly developed web site and the older technology web site. The older technology web site will be turned off in early March 2012. The County encourages the use of the new GIS web site and for users to provide comments on its functionality. Help documents have been compiled to assist users. Contact the GIS Office at 804-365-6811 or gis@co.hanover.va.us for assistance.

GIS Web Site

This web site contains mapping data developed and maintained by Hanover County GIS. The map data has been linked to ownership and assessment data provided by the Commissioner of the Revenue and Assessment Departments. In addition, the GIS Office worked with the Registrar and School Board to include information on voting and school districts. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the mapping and tabular data presented, but errors will always be an issue. If you find errors with any of the data please contact the GIS Office.

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This web site uses popup windows for printing and viewing certain information. You will need to set your popup blocker to allow popup windows on this web site. If you have questions or comments about this web site, please contact the Hanover County GIS Office at (804) 365-6811 or gis@co.hanover.va.us.